holy books

Holy books are a central part of any religion. There are many types of these texts, including the Bible, Qur’an, Vedas, and Ketuvim. Each has its own importance. The purpose of these books is to teach people about God. However, the meaning of these texts varies from religion to religion.


The Qur’an is considered the last among the holy books and is regarded as superior to all the previous divine books. The chain of divine invitation, which began with Adam, reached its highest level in the Qur’an, which contained the basic principles of all the previous books and conveyed truth with the highest voice addressing all times.


The Torah is the most important holy book in Jewish tradition. It has a long and elaborate protocol for its veneration. In Jewish services, people stand, face the Torah, and kiss its mantle. However, the parchment of the Torah is never touched. It is often said that the Torah has a royal image. In the 16th century, a Kabbalist named Elijah ben Moses de Vidas wrote about this image.


The Vedas are considered to be the most important spiritual texts in the world. The texts teach the three paths to salvation – knowledge, action, and devotion. The Rig Veda focuses on knowledge, while the Yajur Veda focuses on action and devotion.


The sequence of the Ketuvim is not fixed; the order of the books varied in early manuscripts. The order of the books varies the most between the Psalms, Job, Esther, Chronicles, and Lamentations. The order of the Ketuvim is based on the Jewish calendar and is read on certain days of the week.

Oral law

The oral law in the holy books is an important part of Jewish tradition. Although written Torah is considered the final authority, it can be interpreted differently by different Jewish sects. For example, Joshua was commanded by Moses to follow only the written Law, while the written Torah explicitly warns against adding to its words. Nevertheless, Jewish tradition regards the oral law as equally authoritative.


The Zend Avesta is considered to be the most important sacred book in the world. It contains profound metaphysical truths, which are as carefully hidden as those found in the Bible. This book contains several countless prayers, but also some of the most profound and ancient yogic teachings.