A Sustainability Report is a tool that companies use to share information about their environmental and social impact. It can help investors and other stakeholders understand the connection between a company’s business model and its sustainability impact, as well as reveal certain risks and opportunities.

The Sustainability Report is a powerful communication tool that can improve the long-term performance of a business and its shareholders. It provides information that is clear and unambiguous, allowing stakeholders to assess how the company is aligning its strategy with ESG issues and if there are any gaps or challenges.

The first step is to set out a vision statement that outlines where your business stands today and how it plans to achieve sustainable development. This helps to demonstrate a proactive approach that will have a positive impact on your business in the future, something that investors will be keen to see.

Next, identify issues that you want to address. These can include things like plastic waste, supply chain traceability, lack of sustainable materials and energy wastage on your premises. It’s essential to include all key stakeholders across your business to ensure you get a full and comprehensive picture of the issues that need to be addressed.

Outline goals and objectives that directly relate to the issues you’ve identified earlier in the document. This will give investors a clear sense of the impact your company is having on the world around it, as well as making it easier to outline attainable targets that are realistic and achievable.