Feminine suppositories are a type of medicine that is used to treat various feminine issues such as vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. They also help with ph balance and reduce the presence of itching, odor, and irritation in the vagina.

Suppositories Work Faster Than Medications Taken By Mouth

Because of the body’s ability to absorb drugs in a suppository, they tend to work faster than oral medications. They can also be more comfortable to use.

How to Insert a Suppository

To prepare for using a suppository, first wash your hands and vaginal area with soap and warm water. Then, dry with a towel.

Then, remove the suppository from its packaging and place it on an applicator. Then, lie down in a position that allows you to easily insert the applicator into your vagina.

Everything You Need to Know About Feminine Suppositories: Types, Uses, and Benefits

After washing your hands, unwrap the suppository and insert it into the applicator. It may help to apply a small amount of water-based lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly, before placing the suppository inside your vagina.

Once inserted, lie down in the same position until the medication has dissolved and you’re ready for a bowel movement. It usually takes anywhere from 13-60 minutes for the medication to take effect. If you’re experiencing discomfort, contact your doctor immediately.