water soluble cbd oil

Water soluble cbd oil  is a recently developed method of mixing cbd extract into water-based products like beverages. It offers a number of advantages over the more traditional oil-based extracts and can greatly expand your brand’s potential reach.

Oil-based CBD extracts are naturally fat-soluble and don’t mix well with water-based liquids. Developing CBD drinks that require a lipid CBD extract like tinctures would be challenging without the use of a special emulsifier that breaks down those fatty molecules into tiny particles. Water soluble CBD allows you to develop drinks like tinctures but in water-based formulas that are easily mixable at home.

Understanding Water Soluble CBD Oil: Unleashing the Power of Enhanced Absorptio

To work,’regular’ CBD needs to pass through the digestive system, where it is broken apart and absorbed into the bloodstream. Water soluble CBD goes through a special nanotechnology process that breaks the globules of oil apart into smaller particles that are more soluble in water. This enables the product to be added directly to any drink and begin to absorb instantly.

Because of this, some brands claim that their water soluble CBD can absorb up to ten times more than traditional oil-based CBD products. This is because it bypasses the liver’s ‘first pass metabolism’ and makes it more effective in the bloodstream. Whether this is true or not depends on a variety of factors. One thing is for sure, however: water soluble CBD is much more convenient to take than the typical oil-based extract. This allows the product to be consumed in a wide range of ways including drops, sprays and pumps, making it more flexible for users and expanding their consumption options.