Mood offers an extensive collection of natural, organic upholstery fabric by the yard or recycled designer fabrics for use as upholstery fabric or any home furnishings project requiring a heavier woven weight fabric. These are high-end woven upholstery fabric, drapery fabrics and tabletop fabrics that have passed stringent performance requirements for their ability to withstand repeated washings and other uses.

What is ikat fabric used for?

These fabrics are GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means that they have been grown, processed and finished without toxic chemicals that may pose a risk to human health. In addition, a wide variety of dyes and finishes are available to complement or coordinate with these fabrics.

The most common of these is cotton, which is a very natural fiber and is the primary crop for natural fabrics used in 80% of all the natural-fiber fabric made (conventional or organic). However, this fabric has one of the highest water usage levels of any fabric – it takes 20 gallons of water to produce a single yard of upholstery-weight fabric. Conventional cotton is also one of the most chemically intensive crops – it is treated with pesticides and other chemicals that may harm our bodies, our waterways, frogs and hummingbirds.

Choosing organic cotton fabric, therefore, is an important choice for those who want to reduce the chemicals in their lives and homes. Organic designates the raw materials – like seeds, plants and animal hairs – that are grown using the least amount of pesticides. The next step in the process is to ensure that the chemicals that are used for every step of production – carding, retting, scouring, bleaching, spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, finishing – are nontoxic and safe for people. GOTS and Oeko-Tex are two widely recognized third party certifications for this level of transparency.