As the village of North Riverside continues to grow and expand so do our parking lots, sidewalks, streets and parkways. With this expansion comes the need to repair and replace these structures. One of the most cost-effective solutions is preventative maintenance.

Who is the owner of Riverside Paving?

Riverside paving maintenance is the most effective and least disruptive solution to maximize asphalt pavement life. Pavement distresses such as raveling, interconnecting cracking (alligator cracking), block cracking, longitudinal cracks and minor joint reflective cracking can all be corrected in the early stages by performing preventative maintenance measures like asphalt seal coating and/or asphalt patching/repair.

In the past few days, City staff have been notified that they have obtained $22 million in State funding for a variety of transportation projects including the downtown Civil Rights Walk and two efforts to improve pedestrian safety in the La Sierra neighborhoods. The $22 million in 2023 Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding represents about 30 percent of the total ATP allocation for Riverside.

The ATP funding is the first phase of a comprehensive pedestrian safety, active transportation and complete streets planning effort called the Riverside PACT. The goal of the program is to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and increasing walking, bicycling and public transit use.

As the name implies, the Riverside PACT plan seeks to accomplish this by improving the transportation system in the City’s most populous neighborhood. Its guiding principles include maximizing the Village’s limited funds through a proactive street maintenance program; delaying the need for major reconstruction to the most economic point; and enhancing community quality of life through improvements in traffic flow and safety.