If you’re a serious rainwalker, it’s time to invest in a proper men rain boot. Instead of wearing your usual chukkas, these boots provide better traction and protection for walking in the rain or trudging through puddles. They also feature grippy soles, are more comfortable and fit snugly around your ankle. Some even offer thermal lining to keep your feet warm.

Men rain boots are available in a variety of styles and prices. Some are as inexpensive as $65 and are pull-on, while others can cost as much as $200 and have a lace-up construction. The price difference usually depends on the quality of materials and the size of the shoe. Smaller, lower-cost rain boots are typically made of rubber, while more expensive ones use a premium full-grain leather.

Stepping Out in Style: The Top 5 Men’s Rain Boots for Fashionable and Functional Wet-Weather Wear

To find the best rain boot for you, start by determining how often you’ll wear them. If you’re just using them for occasional rainy walks, look for a pair that’s sleek and minimal so they don’t appear too bulky with pants. If you’ll be using them to trek through muddy trails, try a pair that has a gusseted tongue and waterproof insole. For colder temperatures or icy conditions, look for a pair with insulated lining and study lugs that provide good traction on snowy or muddy surfaces.

The classic Wellington style of rain boots is a staple, but more boots are bridging the gap between function and fashion. The Kamik Icebreaker features a slim silhouette and cinched top that looks more like a dress boot than a utilitarian model. The Blundstone Thermal Chelsea merges adventure-ready looks with comfort and warmth, offering a thick shearling liner that keeps your feet toasty.