Konjac bienfaits benefits include the ability to support a healthy weight loss diet when combined with other nutritional strategies. It has a low-glycemic index, meaning that it can help stabilise blood sugar levels and may even promote weight loss by supporting feelings of fullness. It is also a source of soluble fibre, which can reduce the symptoms of bloating and gas associated with some foods.

Konjac is a starchy root and flour that has been used in Asia for centuries as both food and medicine. The glucomannan fiber it contains has recently been the subject of much interest, as studies show that it can be beneficial for diabetes, constipation and obesity. The root is most commonly consumed in the form of konjac noodles and jelly, which are becoming more popular in Western countries due to their health benefits.

“Les Bienfaits Méconnus du Konjac : Comment Cette Plante Peut Favoriser Votre Santé

Aside from being carb- and gluten-free, konjac is suitable for vegans and those following a ketogenic diet. However, it is not recommended for those with heart problems or who are taking medication, as a high intake of glucomannan can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Another reason to consume konjac is the fact that it is a prebiotic and helps nourish the gut microbiome. This is particularly important when it comes to bowel health, as research shows that the soluble fibers in konjac can prevent constipation by stimulating the production of a natural fatty acid called ceramide in the colon. One brand of konjac noodle that is a good option for this is the HUM Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic, which also contains nine different strains of probiotics.