Whether you are a small business or an enterprise sender, it is important to choose the best email address verification solution for your needs. Choosing the wrong one could result in your email campaigns being directed to spam folders or your company’s reputation getting blacklisted by mailbox providers. An email validation service checks whether an email address is valid and deliverable, which means you will be able to reach more of your audience.

Email Address Validation Software: Your Shield Against Bounces and Spam Trap

A top-rated email address verification solution includes multiple steps to ensure that all of the addresses you use for your campaigns are good quality, which improves delivery and your overall marketing performance. This includes a number of different tests such as syntax check, domain existence check and more. In addition, a top-rated email address verification service also eliminates the risk of sending to role accounts or disposable addresses.

Invalid email addresses cost you money, because each time you send a message to an invalid email address, it will bounce and depress your overall email deliverability metrics. Regular list cleaning through email validation is the only way to reduce this waste and keep your database clean and active.

Look for an email address verification tool that offers a range of verification services including bulk and real-time verifications, as well as API integrations. This will allow you to verify large lists of email addresses at once, without having to upload them and process them one by one. In addition, make sure your email verification service offers secure connections to protect data throughout the verification process and when downloading results. This is particularly important for enterprise senders that need to comply with GDPR.