White Crystals  known for their healing properties that cleanse the aura, bring peace and clarity to the mind, and increase the vibration of the body. They are also used for their protective energy and are associated with the Crown Chakra which symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. White crystals are made up of many different types of stones, some include: Clear Quartz Crystal, Moonstone, White Selenite Crystal, Chalcedony and Scolecite.

Pure Elegance: The World of White Crystals and Their Meanings

The most popular type of white crystal is the Clear Quartz Crystal. This crystal is one of the most powerful healing crystals on the planet. It is a natural stress reliever and can help improve your focus, concentration, and memory. It can be placed in the home or office to create a peaceful environment and boosts intuition and psychic abilities. It is often recommended for meditation because it helps with clarity of the mind and deepening of meditative states.

Other popular types of white crystals are selenite, calcite, and opal. These crystals are thought to be great for improving communication skills, alleviating emotional stress and anxiety, balancing hormones and encouraging a sense of innocence in relationships. Specifically, selenite is believed to aid in connecting with spirit guides and enhancing ethereal communication. These crystals are known for helping with visions and can assist in recalling long-lost memories. They are also believed to balance the heart chakra and promote trust in romantic relationships. Moreover, opal is said to encourage spiritual growth and strengthen the intuition.