A dispensary denver, CO is the perfect place to get high before hopping on a train to your next destination. Its central location makes it a great spot to pick up some flower or concentrate for your trip, and the variety of top-notch products ensure you can find what you’re looking for. Plus, the staff are extremely knowledgeable and will be happy to help you find the perfect products for your needs.

Why do Colorado dispensaries only accept cash?

It’s tempting to go all out on your first visit, but don’t buy more than you can realistically use. This will keep you from having to make a mad dash to dispose of any excess when you leave. Plus, spreading out your purchases will give you a chance to sample a larger selection of marijuana and lessen the likelihood that you’ll end up with too much at home.

A new law limiting medical marijuana concentrates and giving younger patients less access will take effect Jan. 1. It’s part of a package of measures that Gov. Jared Polis signed to evaluate the impact of high-potency THC on youths’ brains and mental health.

This family-owned shop carries a curated flower selection that blows other dispensaries out of the water, including favorite brands like Veritas, Locol Love and more. You can also score some incredibly affordable pre-rolls and eighths, with prices starting at $12 per gram. Plus, sign up for KrystalLeaves text alerts to get in on the best deals.