Whether you are looking for a unique way to display family photos or simply want something special and artistic that will set your home’s decor apart, canvas pictures are one of the most popular wall art options available. Unlike posters and other smooth surface prints, canvas prints are made of high quality materials and offer a textured look that complements any home’s interior design.

How much is canvas printing?

The first step in making a framed canvas print is to choose a photo or artwork that you want to use. If it is a painting, it may be best to photograph or scan the piece of art in order to get a high quality digital reproduction of it. This process will ensure that any details and colors are accurately represented.

After the photo is scanned or taken, it is then uploaded to the canvas builder for customization. From here, you can crop the image, fix red-eye and apply different image effects to the picture. You can also add text, if desired. Once you have finished editing the image, you can select a layout and background, change sizes or add a frame. You can also pre-view your finished project before you decide to order it.

The great thing about canvas prints is that they look amazing with any type of photography, but close-ups, portraits and nature photos tend to work well on canvas. The textured finish of canvas prints also look better than other types of smooth surfaces, such as framed paper or acrylic glass prints.