pemf devices

Typically a mat or handheld device, pemf devices therapy machines deliver pulsating magnetic fields that resonate with the natural frequencies of your body’s cells. The magnetic fields stimulate your body’s own power plants to produce more energy by using oxygen more efficiently and forcing trapped carbon dioxide out. This can help reduce inflammation and pain as well as promote faster tissue and bone healing.

PEMF’s can also be used to stimulate the osteoblast cells which produce bone matter. This can be particularly helpful with people who suffer from Osteoarthritis or who have had a broken bone that is not healing correctly (non-union fractures).

Revitalizing Wellness: A Deep Dive into the World of PEMF Devices

When looking for a pump device, it’s important to find one that is FDA-approved and offers a variety of programs at different intensities, so you can find the right frequency and intensity for your specific needs. You should also look at how large the machine is and what its weight is, as these can impact how comfortable it is to use and transport.

The iMRS 2000 is a great example of a powerful PEMF machine. Its programs are completely based on Schumann frequencies and intensities which have been proven in numerous studies to support healthy cell function. For instance, program 5 is designed to stimulate alertness and is perfect for resetting your body clock when traveling or suffering from jet lag, while programs 9 & 10 are aimed at reducing headaches.

Another excellent option is the Almag-01, which is a handheld medium-intensity PEMF device. It has a control unit and an applicator with 4 coils that can be placed around joints, or just over muscles and tendons. The coils don’t fire together but they do each fire at a very fast rate which allows them to treat the area from multiple angles.