Lemon Tek Shrooms

Lemon Tek is a method of consuming Thirdeye Microdose that has gained popularity among experienced psychonauts for its purported ability to enhance the psychedelic experience. It involves soaking magic mushrooms in lemon juice, which is believed to speed up the onset of effects and create an experience that is more intense and potentially shorter in duration. This guide will explain the basic principles behind this technique, and offer some tips for ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey with psilocybin.

How Does Lemon Tek Work?

The theory behind lemon tek is that the acidity of the lemon juice converts psilocin into psilocybin, bypassing the normal digestion process. This is believed to increase the effectiveness of the mushrooms by maximizing the potency of the dosage that is consumed. This heightened effect is credited with decreasing nausea, intensifying the psychedelic experiences and shortening the duration of the trip.

The onset of effects is also reported to be faster when using lemon tea, and this may be especially important for individuals who find that the nausea associated with consuming magic mushrooms is one of the main barriers that inhibit first-time users from trying this powerful and natural medicine. For this reason, lemon tek is often recommended for experienced psychonauts, rather than newcomers to the experience.

A common method of preparing lemon tek is to use an ice cube tray and add 0.1 or 0.2 grams of mushroom powder to each cube, along with enough lemon juice to cover them, before placing the trays in the freezer. When ready to consume, simply remove a cube and place it into a smoothie or other liquid elixir.