• Explore Turkey and Pamukkale

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    If you want to experience the true beauty of the Turkish landscape, explore Turkey. From the vertiginous Mediterranean coastline to fairy chimney rock formations in Cappadocia, this country’s varied landscapes leave a lasting impression. If you’re looking for an exotic vacation, consider visiting the world-famous Antalya or Kusadasi. These are just a few of the most picturesque spots you can visit.


    If you’re planning a trip to Turkey, consider exploring the city of Ankara. This Turkish capital offers a diverse range of culture and history. For an authentic feel, visit the city’s historical sites and museums. You’ll be able to learn about the city’s ancient past by attending an exhibit at the Erimtan Museum. The museum displays nearly two thousand artifacts from Anatolia’s ancient civilisations. During your visit, you’ll also be able to catch an occasional concert at the museum. The museum is open daily, and you’ll be able to enjoy up to 16 performances throughout the year.


    Cappadocia was formed over 60 million years ago from volcanic eruptions, and many ancient civilizations were established here. Human settlement here can be traced as far back as the Paleolithic era – a time when people lived in caves and hunted for food.


    There are several sights to see while in Antalya, Turkey. The city’s main square, Republic Square, is perfect for people-watching and public events. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy as well. Visitors can also partake in a variety of water sports, including paddle boarding. The city is also a popular location for business fairs and corporate meetings.


    Kusadasi is a beach resort town in western Turkey, just a short hop from Ephesus. It’s also a major cruise ship destination, and its harbor is lined with hotels. Visitors will find the ancient walled Byzantine castle of Pigeon Island, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway.


    When visiting Pamukkale, it is important to pack your backpack. This way, you can walk with your hands free. If you visit during the peak season, you will find that the town is extremely busy and crowded. If you want to avoid crowds, plan your trip during the shoulder season, when the price is cheaper and the crowds are not as dense. The best time to go is between June and August, which is when the site is at its most beautiful.

    Erimtan Museum

    Erimtan Museum in Ankara, Turkey is an archaeology and arts museum. You can hear music performances there and explore art.


    Visiting Erimtan, Turkey can be a fun experience. It’s located near Ankara and boasts a number of museums and cultural events. The Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum houses valuable works of art from the region’s past. The museum’s creative curation combines contemporary storytelling displays with traditional artifacts. It’s an ideal place to learn about everyday life during the Classical and Greek periods. The museum also hosts concerts on Tuesday nights.

    Kaymakli Underground City

    The underground city in Kaymakli, Turkey, is a fascinating place to visit. It has eight floors below ground, four of which are accessible to the public. The first floor houses a church with two floors, the second floor has a store and a winningy and the third floor contains living spaces. Besides the church, there are also several food stores.