• Author of this blog and Toran student – Melissa Harvey

    Since 2015, I create and organize trips in small groups of 3 to 15 participants in countries, most often, far from the Western culture. Nature, Culture, Encounters are the key words of our trips. Culture is not only the look in the rear view mirror but also the living culture of the men and women of today.

    Each country is unique and deserves to be discovered in all its richness. The UN lists 197 countries. With rare exception, a visitor does not come back to the same country twice in his life. Our programs are based on the richness of each country: they offer all the facets of the country, from the must-see sites to the most unusual places that we have the secret to discover.

    Priority is given to the content. We do not hesitate to propose long trips to understand the countries we visit. Our trips reappropriate time. So without further ado, welcome to Toran Center.